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I want your opinion: Who was the granny in the ‘Smallville‘ finale? – Nadia
Pfft to my opinion. Let’s scrutinize what Tom Welling had to say when I asked him about the conspicuous knitter glimpsed in last month’s season-ender. “The idea of [it being DC Comics villain] Granny Goodness – which they had to explain to me as we were shooting it – I thought was awesome,” says the actor/producer. “I believe she has this group of younger girls who work for her, and I would imagine they’re going to be around this year.” For the uninitiated, Granny Goodness is one of biiiiig baddie Darkseid’s henchpeople, the “girls” are actually known as the “Female Furies,” and that was some detailed “speculation” coming from Tom, no?

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My guess about the Mystery Lady Knitting at Matropilis General was more likely Martha Kent.She was the Red Queen and She did tell Tess Mercer she was going to keep an Eye on her.If you were Clarks mother woulnt you do what you had to to protect him.A mothers Furie is nothing to mess with it