Meet ‘Smallville’s Big, Bad Granny Goodness

Oh Goodness, Clark – The CW’s ‘Smallville’ is adding another big baddie from the DC Comics universe to Season 10’s arsenal of super-enemies.
Now in its 10th and final season, ‘Smallville’ teased Granny Goodness’ presence in its May finale, showing a hunched over figure knitting outside Tess’ hospital room. Once Tess succumbed to the injuries sustained in her fight with Zod, Granny slipped into her room, obviously intent with a nefarious purpose. (Watch the Season 9 finale here; Granny’s “big” scene is around the 28-minute mark.)
Now, Granny will figuratively have her wind scarf lifted when Christine Willes (’Reaper’) plays the evil elder in Episode 8, titled “Abandoned.”
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