'Smallville': Will 'Fortune' be Chloe's last episode?

It's hard to imagine wrapping up a character we've loved for 10 years, but this week's "Smallville" episode may be Chloe's last. Allison Mack has not yet been confirmed to appear in the May 13 series finale, though we have to admit, we've got our fingers crossed!
If this is the last time we'll see Chloe, we're glad it's a fun episode. Last week's episode was a rough one for Chloe, testing her strength and her relationship with Oliver. Of course, our girl came through it all better than ever with a new perspective on her responsibilities and her love life.
This week, we'll get the chance to explore Chloe and Clark's (Tom Welling) ten-year friendship in the "Hangover" style fall-out from his and Lois' (Erica Durance) bachelor/bachelorette parties.
"You two amazing people have been the best friends a girl could ever ask for," Chloe tells Lois and Clark at the beginning of the episode. "To the bride and groom!"
We don't think she was talking about herself there, but if the previews are to be believed... Chloe and Clark may wake up... married?
"Oops" doesn't quite cover it.
Clark will need Chloe's help to decipher the night's activities, which, for him, included hijacking an armored truck. What was in that champagne, anyway?
As the series winds to a close, we can't help but get nostalgic for the good old days. "Smallville" fans, how would Chloe Sullivan from the pilot have reacted to the idea that ten years later, she'd wake up married to Clark Kent? Memories, memories. Source

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It will be sad to see Allison go she is a great actress she will be missed

I Hope Shes Back For The LAST Episode!! Chloe And Clark Are Ment For EachOther......(ok, im might get shot)