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It’s proving to be an emotional time. We’re on our last few episodes. As always
thank you for ALL your support. It’s been a wonderful experience that I will treasure.
I know it’s not easy for fans to come to terms with the idea of closure. We all
deal with it on our own ways. What is important is to respect each other. We are
all part of the journey regardless of whether we are fans, cast or crew.
One day I’d like to address some questions on twitter in the future. For now, I do
not have the time and I hope you will continue to respect that, and be patient.
Once again, I am not on twitter, nor is my husband or family. We do not have the
time. Unfortunately, there are those who call themselves fans who manipulate
others into believing this is not true. There are fans/friends who may appear protective,
as a result.
As always, I’m very grateful to be part of Smallville and grateful to have the support
of fans. Thanks to Nadia at DM and everyone else, Kryptonsite, IMDB, Wild
Cherry etc. Respect we are all part of this wonderful positive journey.

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