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With just a few days remaining between now and Smallville‘s two-hour series finale (Friday at 8/7c), the showrunners behind The CW’s superhero epic took some time on Tuesday to talk to reporters about what to expect when all is said and done. Which moments will “wow” when Clark and Lois walk down the aisle? What’s really behind Lex’s return? Will Chloe get the sendoff she deserves? And what deleted scenes might make it onto DVD? Here are the slightly-spoilerly teases Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders were willing to part with.
QUESTION | Having just seen a snippet from the finale, it’s safe to say it was huge undertaking with tons of story to tell. How would you describe it?
Souders: It’s two hours, jampacked. You don’t feel like you’re just waiting for the last two minutes of the episode.
QUESTION | Besides the more recognizable ones, were there any small standout moments in the finale?
Souders: There are a couple of moments in the church, particularly when Lois is about to walk down the aisle. Actually, I’m just going to say I have a couple of favorite moments on the actual aisle.
Peterson: And there’s a very good scene with a door that is probably one of everybody’s favorite scenes in the show. There’s one shot, and that is the Smallville shot — you’ll see it and you’ll know it immediately. We needed it in the finale.

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