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Any scoops on ‘Smallville’s Chlollie? – ChlollieGAWT via Twitter
From my Q&A with exec producer Brian Peterson, here are nine extra words on the future of the Chloe/Oliver romance: “‘No strings attached’ always gets complicated, so there will be some interesting revelations about that relationship coming out of the finale, going into next season.”

Got any scoop on the return of ‘Smallville’s Perry White? – Nilan
The iconic ‘Daily Planet’ newsman (played by Michael McKean) resurfaces in this season’s penultimate episode, and he’s got a familiar someone on his arm – Clark’s mom. “It’s a fun ‘Look who’s coming to dinner’ sort of episode,” says Brian Peterson, “with Martha (Annette O’Toole) and Perry entering the picture right when Clark and Lois are having a bit of a rough go.” As for Mr. White finally meeting Ms. Lane, Peterson promises “some great Lois-Perry action” as the two chase the same big story.

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What exactly "rough go" does mean?

this means that chloe wont die in the end of the season, i mean if chlollie is "coming out of the finale, going into next season" right?