Why They Should Make a ‘Smallville’ Feature Film

Superhero movies aren’t going away. With the success of “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight,” the superheroes are lining up and will continue to fly our way very, very swiftly. One superhero franchise that has also enjoyed great success is “Smallville.” It is the live-action television show about the story/re-telling of young Clark Kent, and his journey to become Superman. With “Smallville” going on for almost a decade now, the fans of the show have lots to celebrate because they are getting closer and closer to the payoff. What pay-off am I talking about? I will explain. The show has been picked up for yet another season, but it is most likely its last. This means that all those fans that have anxiously waited for Clark to take the final steps into becoming the superhero they know and love, Superman, is just around the corner. Read More

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I loved this essay of yours. I agree 100%. No me importa if TW and ED are in the Supes reboot or a Smallville movie after season 10, as long as their together, w/ the \S/ shield and totally all up, down and around my face.