Could Tom Welling be the next Superman?

I loved this article by Krystal Clark. Read what she had to say about Tom Welling: "I already know a lot of you are screaming Tom Welling because there was such an uproar when Brandon Routh was cast in 2006’s Superman Returns and Welling was ignored. “Smallville” is entering its last season and he will have some free time on his hands but at this point it’s all speculation. One thing is for sure, Routh won’t be back because the general public hated his performance in the last film. The studio wants him but they know the people don’t (I didn’t think he was that bad though)." Read article.

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Im a connoisseur of Superman, ive collected everything from the 30s comics the the 30s early animation right upto season 8 of smallville...and i firmly believe the Smallville incarnation of Clark or more notebly now Superman is the greatest portrayal of the character ''ever'' WHY...OK well we've been told the man story over and over again, but never the story of the boy who becomes the man and why!..we've never been shown or told how he came to deal with who he is and what his capabilitys are' and how he comes to terms with using them, and for what purpose...and the Smallville people have nailed it'' sure theres been few dodgy episodes, but all in all world wide Smallville is a smash, or it would never have got past the second season, nearly in its 9th year..its clear the people or majority have chosen the way forward for the future of Superman, or if you like who should definitely portray him...and i have to has to be Tom welling, he's played the character longer than anyone else in the industry, so it would only make the sense obviously to cast him as Superman, because lets face it' brandon routh is ok actor but he's not Superman'' and i also believe this could be key factor into why the movie flopped...he just didnt convince people the way Tom welling dose, and as chris reeves said R.I.P, that a large part of captivate the make them believe ''a man can fly'' why should'nt Tom welling appear in Green lanturn...simply because his portrayal of the Clark kent character is been the best to date...just as chris bale's Batman has been the best to date with the new life breathed back into the franchise, taking nothing away from the chris reeves legacy....there Gold classic'' but it would seem fundimentally that Tom welling has as chris did all those years ago..captivated people into believing a man can fly...although he's only taken flight once in nearly 9 years, however i believe the best is still yet to come, what they've done with Smallville is what George lucas failed the first time to do with Star wars, wheres lucus had to go back..they've made perfect foundational basis of which to launch 2 or 3 great Superman movies...and it worked with Star trek after the 60s series finished and it would work with not sure how many Star trek movies they made off the back of the 60s series...i do know they smashed the box office though, i dont believe we've ever seen Superman super before..sure sure we've seen him fly and move outside time in Smallville...but we've never seen what he truely capable of'' the comics have always gave us glimpse...also if the keep casting the wrong people to play the key parts..the Superman franchise will fall into rut and decay just as the Batman franchise did in the 90s..before chris nolan rescued it!!...but with todays technology...and with the perfect cast Tom welling and michael rosenbaum...they should give us the world and Superman fans the movie we've been waiting so desperately for since mr reeves did the first movie!!! so should Tom welling appear as the new man of steel ..YES 100% he's the way forward now for SUPERMAN!!!

OMG,this article is awesome. Tom has finally showed us what Clark's life was like before the suit. It's only fitting that he be the next Superman. Like you said, making movies worked for Star Trek so I think it could definitely work for Smallville.

Congrats again on a amazing article.

I agree, great article. It would be a natural progression for TW to play the role, and he's just perfect for it in every way.

I couldn't agree with you more and I don't care what some of these ignorant people say, he is a much better actor and after all these years, he has proven himself and he has earned his shot and the best and most logical choice the future producer and director for the rebooted Superman movie Needs to realize that and cast him for the role! Tom Welling would make a great Superman for the today's generation.
And they had damn well better make the new movie far better than Superman Returns because at this point, it's really not good enough to have a "good" Superman movie.
What we really need in a "spectacularly excellent" Superman movie. And it should be Tom Welling to be the man. He deserves it and he has earned it.