Tom Welling Talks About Finally Becoming Superman On ‘Smallville’

While Marvel Studios may have dominated this year’s Comic-Con with it’s panels for Avengers, Thor, and Captain America, DC Entertainment managed to keep eyes of fanboys locked in as they announced Tom Welling will finally don the Superman suit in the upcoming final season of Smallville.
It’s been debated for quite some time whether or not it would ever happen, but it finally got confirmed that Welling will both fly and wear the suit made famous in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. What could this mean for a spinoff film? Does Welling have any interest in continuing as the Man of Steel after this season?
We got the chance to ask Tom all of these questions, and a few more, as he attended this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Check out our exclusive interview with the Smallville star after the jump, and keep it here for more interviews with the cast of the show.


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