Interview: Erica Durance Investigates Lois Lane & Season 10

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Lois Lane proves she’s not just Superman’s girlfriend, but a real, modern woman who goes after what she wants and is not afraid to get bruised along the way. Hey, she’s got Smallville standing by to catch her in red and blue shiny threads, so why not throw caution to the wind?

Like the Daily Planet, The Flickcast sent its reporter to the scene to examine the truth behind the super stories. Ace reporter, Lois Lane, aka Erica Durance switches places as she answers our questions and sparkles with a style all her own.

The Flickcast: What do you love most about Smallville fans?

Erica Durance: You know, it’s just neat to see how many people love the show and are so excited about it. Thank God. I know that’s why we’re here 10 years later, or me only since 7. They’re so supportive and so excited and initially they weren’t with me.

So they’ve come around. But in fairness I wasn’t part of the mythology, Lois wasn’t, so that makes sense, so I can understand. It’s a beloved story and I kinda kicked in and invaded it, but they’ve been really, really positive now.

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