Interview IGN Tom Welling Talks Smallville #200, Darkseid and Lex Luthor

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Smallville achieves an amazing milestone this week, as the series airs its 200th episode. Just how notable is this? Well, at the recent party held to celebrate this accomplishment, Warner Bros. Television's president, Peter Roth, pointed out to me that only 79 scripted TV series in history (and that's among some 200,000 shows!) have reached 200 episodes.
I also had the opportunity to speak to none other than Clark Kent himself, Tom Welling, to find out what he felt about the show reaching its 200th episode and what we might expect, as Smallville heads towards its conclusion next May.
IGN TV: So few shows last ten seasons and 200 episodes. What do you think is the secret to Smallville's success?

Tom Welling: Hard work, dedication and fans. I think those are the elements. That's why we're here tonight.
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