Spoiler Via Ausiello Isis

Question: Any new Smallville scoop? —Adelle
Ausiello: Present-day Clark comes face-to-face with future Clark (a.k.a. Superman) in next Friday’s 200th episode. But I’m pretty sure that’s old news. Here’s some new news. In the Oct. 22 episode, Clark finally decides to tell Lois his secret. Which is kind of funny because that’s the same episode she decides to tell him her secret: that she already knows! Hilarious, right? I thought it was.
 En el episodio del 22 de octubre, Clark finalmente decide contarle a Lois su secreto. Lo que es un poco divertido ya que en el mismo episodio Lois decide contarle su secreto: que ya lo sabe! Gracioso, no? Creo que lo fue.

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