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"HOT HOMAGE: Erica Durance, Smallville
Stop the presses! The Daily Planet's star reporter is tangled up in that famous cape again. "Everybody is aware of that photo, which is awesome," marvels Erica Durance of the '96 shot of L&C's Teri Hatcher draped in Superman's favorite accessory. For her tribute to one of the most downloaded images of its time, Durance--who has been thrilling us as Lois Lane for the past seven seasons--was excited to "do something different [with the picture]," which should clear up any questions as to whether we'll see Clark Kent embrace his heroic, high-flying destiny before the final season wraps.
"I thought this was a neat concept to do something with a little more Superman [imagery] in it, because we don't usually do much. We're full on Superman now.," she says, adding that her iconic role has meant more than just a chance to play dress-up. "It's been such a great ride," she says. "Smallville has given me the opportunity to have Lois grow...and it's always a pleasure to play such a beloved character." Honey, the pleasure has been all ours. -- DH (Damian Holbrook)

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