Is This Smallville's Most Anticipated Moment?

Is This Smallville's Most Anticipated Moment?

There are a few things we knew coming into Smallville season 10.
It would be the last season, Clark would hook up with Lois, and we would see the suit. Not necessarily on him, at least not till the finale we thought, but we would see it.  Well, as soon as season 10 started, we were given a glimpse of the suit Tom would wear, and lo and behold it was the same suit Brandon Routh wore in "Superman Returns."

This was a relief, because it eliminated the mystery of what the suit would look like. And if you ever surf the web for the word "Smallville," there is a multitude of fan art manipulations and art of Tom Welling  wearing  that very same suit.  Therefore we have actually known through this art just how the actor would look in the tights when the moment arrives for him to grace us with his version of Superman.

Today, Rockthelan is getting word from an unofficial source, that Tom Welling/Clark Kent will be donning the suit (tights) way ahead of schedule. Actually at some point within the next few episodes!

This is great news for the fans since the show is still less than half way through the season and this means we will have ourselves a full Superman show for a great part of what is left of the season, a season that has been so far an emotional roller coaster and a heck of a cool ride. But now, all that is going to be obliterated, this is one big fan dream come true. What do you think?

By Josue Sanchez

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