'Smallville': Clark will propose to Lois very, very soon

We've all speculated on whether or not Clark (Tom Welling) is going to propose to Lois (Erica Durance) on "Smallville" before or after he gets his suit, takes flight, and officially becomes Superman -- and now we've got your answer! Zap2it spoke with "Smallville" EPs Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders to get all the dish on that ring Clark has been hiding. "We can promise a proposal within the next three episodes," Peterson assures us - meaning that yes, Clark will pop the question before he does that whole "It's a bird, it's a plane" thing we've been looking forward to. "The ring will come out of the pocket," adds Souders. "It's something that we've always wanted to do. Obviously we work really closely with DC Comics and they have been fantastic this year about letting us kind of push things because it's the end and it's now or never. We always wanted to get the Lois and Clark relationship to that next level in the 'Smallville' story." They won't give us any hints as to whether we'll actually see Lois walk down the aisle before teh series finale. "We can't really talk about a wedding," says Peterson. "But that relationship is definitely progressing."
"Podemos prometerles una propuesta de matrimonio dentro de los 3 episodios siguientes" Peterson nos asegura - diciendonos que si, Clark hara la pregunta antes de hacer todo eso de "Es un ave, es un avion" que estuvimos esperando. "El anillo saldra de su bolsillo", agrega Souders. "Es algo que siempre quisimos hacer. Obviamente nosotros trabajamos bien cerca con DC Comics y ellos han sido fantasticos este año dejandolos empujando cosas porque es el final y es ahora o nunca. Nosostros siempre hemos querido poner a la relacion de Lois y Clark en el siguiente nivel en la historia de 'Smallville'. " No nos dan ninguna pista acerca de si realmente veremos a Lois caminar hacia el altar antes del episodio final. "No podemos realmente hablar de una boda", dice Peterson. "Pero la relacion definitivamente esta progresando"
Source: Zap2it

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