Eric Martsolf casted as Booster Gold?

The multi-talented actor has been cast as Booster Gold, a superhero from the future. The character won't be appearing in Salem of course. Instead, fans will be able to catch Eric on the CW/Sci-Fi channel series "Smallville."

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That is great and cool can't wait.

I can’t wait either! It’s great to see another DC character in Smallville! The casting of Eric Martsolf was a good choice for Booster Gold. That’s awesome Geoff Johns is writing another episode of Smallville, and Tom Welling is directing it! I don’t know your personal preference, but I need my Smallville in HD. Just to let you know, DISH Network has plenty of affordable packages with HD right now and you can find information on how to get free HD on DISH Network’s official website. Don’t you want to see Smallville in HD?