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With Lois and Clark's wedding day approaching, the Smallville gang, including Chloe (Allison Mack), heads to Metropolis' version of Las Vegas on the February 25 episode for a wild bachelor/bachelorette party weekend that becomes one big, er, Blur!

"It's our fun Hangover episode," says executive producer Brian Peterson. "Clark won't remember what happened the night before." With Supes impervious to the effects of alcohol, it's a spiked bottle of champagne sent by Zatanna that sparks the insanity. "You see the wild side of everybody," adds exec producer Kelly Souders, who hints at a big OMG moment involving Tess and Dr. Emil.

"We all wake up in different places in bizarre situations involving weird outfits and animals," says Erica Durance (Lois). "I wake up out on the train tracks with Oliver and realize I can't find my engagement ring." When they trace the ring back to a casino, Lois and Oliver encounter casino owner Amos Fortune — a supervillain DC Comics first introduced in 1961.

Erica hopes Lois' next outfit will be more traditional. "It is my wish to wear a wedding dress," she says. "I think that would be a fantastic way to end the series." But what's the likelihood of Clark and Lois making it down the aisle? Heading toward the big day "brings out real issues between them," says Souders. "Let's face it, it's not easy to be married to Superman!" I'm also hearing the finale may be a two-hour send-off — with one last visit from Supergirl!

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Can't wait to watch this episode it is going to be a great one