Guiding Smallville Towards the Finale

Yes, it's true unfortunately, the return of Smallville has been pushed back a week [Click Here for more]. But when the show returns with new episodes (on February 4th now!), it will be heading ever-closer to the end of the series, which wraps up in May.

I recently spoke to executive producer Brian Peterson (who serves alongside Kelly Souders as showrunner) to talk about what to expect in those final episodes, which will feature the debut of Booster Gold (in an episode written by DC Comics' Geoff Johns) the rising menace of a parallel universe Lionel Luthor and more.

IGN TV: You only have a handful episodes left to shoot. Do you feel like, "Okay, we're all set!" or do you feel, "Oh god, we only have a few left!"

Brian Peterson: Both! Exactly at the same time. We feel all the pressure leading up to the finale and we have all these plans and we very much know where we're going and the markers along the way. But this show is always… Something new comes up in every episode. Some twist. Some character. Some director. Some situation. So it always keeps us on our toes. But the first three or four are ready to go and after that, we're in the middle of it!
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That is sad to hear that CW would do that to Smallville . Well like the saying goes good thing happen to those who wait.