Spoiler Chloe Sullivan Ausiello

Quote:Question: Smallville producers have hinted that Chloe’s return will be awesome/badass. Care to elaborate? —Mercy
Ausiello: Here’s your one and only hint: The Matrix. In related news, look for a big Chlollie moment at the end of her comeback episode on Feb. 18.

Pregunta: Los productores de Smallville han insinuado que el regreso de Chloe será impresionante / badass. Cuidado de elaborar? -Mercy
Ausiello: He aquí su primera y única pista: The Matrix. En noticias relacionadas, buscamos un gran momento Chlollie en el episodio final de su regreso el 18 de febrero.

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I look forword in seeing Allison back and I can't wait to see what she is going to be doing next on Smallville ect.