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Question: Where’s this week’s AA?! I am in AA withdrawal! Will you please give me some Smallville scoop and I may forgive you. —Lara
Sounds like someone forgot to refill her prescription of Simma Down Now. Here’s your big Small scoop: I’m hearing ****** **** is coming to town!
Question: Any Smallville scoop on the arrival of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle? —Dominic
Just that the show is still casting the parts. For egomaniacal Booster, they want… well, in essence, another Justin Hartley (Green Arrow): blond and hot, although he has to radiate smarm. (Think Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer.) For Blue Beetle — or Iron Man, if Iron Man became a superhero because a scarab possessed him — they want a nerdy Latino actor who can pass for a teenager. (Ugly Betty’s Justin, Mark Indelicato, perhaps?)

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What's next for the Smallville superheroes after passing out at Hawkman's funeral? — Josh
Things will not be what they seem once the supes wake up. "They created an alternate reality for these characters and they don't know which is the real one and which isn't," Erica Durance tells us. "It's mainly around Clark figuring out what world he's in and which is the right one. That introduces Chloe back in the whole mishmash, and she ends up actually being a bit of a nemesis to Lois."

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That is great news Booster Gold and Blue Beetle and wait for all the new episods to begin on the 28th of January it is going to be great.