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“Kent” takes place in the alternate world that Clark accidentally got pulled into in the December episode “Luthor.” This time, Clark is tricked into the trip by his evil alt self, Clark Luthor. Once on the Other Side, our mild-mannered reporter is mistaken by Jonathan for the now-unmasked Ultraman, so Papa Kent decides to take justice into his own hands.

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This Jonathan “has had a very different path than the Jonathan we all know,” returning Smallville vet Jonathan Schneider shared in a recent interview with the Starkville House of El website. “[He] is so different you can’t believe it!”
Indeed, alt-Jonathan is broke, homeless and Martha-less, TVLine has learned. As such, the episode offers “a changing of … the guard, an opportunity for Clark to give Jonathan the strength to move forward for once, instead of the other way around,” Schneider told SHoE, “It’s quite a wonderful script.”
While Clark Kent: Original Flavor deals with this dire Daddy issue, back in our reality Clark Luthor visits Tess to say that if she doesn’t side with him, he’ll kill her, while Lois works with Emil to retrieve her fiancé from Over There.
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Speaking of Jonathan and Clark, Smallville will revisit far happier times when it rebroadcasts the series pilot on April 8, a week before resuming the 10th and final season on April 15. The show’s two-hour series finale is set to air Friday, May 13.
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