Michael Rosenbaum reveals 'Smallville' finale details

"Smallville" fans looking for their favorite bald-headed anti-hero are in for a shock, to say the least. So what does Rosenbaum think his fans' initial reaction will be to Dutch? "The first fan reaction would be like, 'I like him better as Lex. He looks better bald. He shouldn't be on this show. He should be Lex forever,'" he teases affectionately. "that would probably be their first reaction. Hopefully some of them will go, 'Oh, he's actually kind of funny. This is good,' or maybe not.  I think one thing they'll appreciate is that whatever character I do, I go balls out."

tom-michael-pilot.jpgObviously, we had to be greedy and ask Rosenbaum for even more scoop on the series finale of "Smallville," and while he wouldn't reveal too much -- like if he shot any scenes with anyone besides Tom Welling -- he did say you will be seeing more of Lex Luthor than you might have originally thought.

"We did a lot. I know people thought, 'Oh, he only went up for one day.' We did 19 hours," he explains. "Okay, for anyone out there who is like, 'Oh, he only went out there for one day,' I was up there for 19 hours."

He continues, "We did four different things. Two nice scenes and then two other specialty things that I won't tell you about. I'm a part of the finale and I think it's important."

Count 'em, people. That's four Lex scenes/"specialty things" you can look forward to. We now leave it to you to debate just what those specialty things are.

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If he comes back he should forget Clark is Superman because in the comics he did not know that. So maybe the nice scenes are with him reuniting with Clark and the other is him facing the Blur...grr I hate that name, he faces Superman!