Updates Spoiler 10.21 -10.22 Finale

John Schneider, twitter @therealtrueshit Flying out to do the final episode of "Smallville". Hard to believe it's been ten years! You are going to LOVE the final episode! 

@jlamcdougall, twitter Tom Welling on Campus!? ... filming smallville outside Sauder...TOOO SICKK *drool*
@pursuit23: John and Annette and I'm told Allison is coming in as well. Callum is here until the party and he is going to it ..

spoiler smallville (titirominet, DI) Justin Hartley and Allison Mack were filming on the studio today, I meet Brian Peterson and I saw them too. Apparently when Allison Mack and Justin Hartley were filming their scene on the studio, Tom Welling was Filming in the UBC in the same time, so I didn't see him or other characters.

"Justin Hartley y Allison Mack estaban filmando en el estudio hoy, me encontré con Brian Peterson y les vi también. Aparentemente cuando Allison y Justin estaban filmando su escena en el estudio, Tom Welling estaba filmando en UBC - campus universitario - al mismo tiempo, así es que no pude verle a él o a otroa personajes"

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