5 Episodes Left, 8 Burning Questions! Via Tv Line


With The CW’s Smallville set to resume its final season this Friday at 8/7c, TVLine spoke with executive producer Kelly Souders about the last five episodes. In doing so, we raised a few burning questions. Like, why the alt-Earth detour? Can Tom Welling bumble with the best of ‘em? And did the new Superman movie limit how “super” the TV finale can be? Here’s what Souders said about those hot topics and others.
With just five episodes left in the series — the series! — why does this Friday’s episode, “Kent,” use precious time to revisit alt-Earth? | Returning to the flip-floppy universe first spied in December’s “Luthor,” “We’re going  to come across somebody very important that we did not see last time, and things are not quite set right.” She speaks of angry, pissed-off Jonathan Kent, right? “Yes, angry, pissed-off Jonathan!” the EP confirms with a laugh. “Clark and his father have some things to work out, and believe me, watching [John] Schneider play the opposite of what we know him for is a blast.” OK, but again: How does this road trip serve Smallville‘s grand finale? “It ends up impacting Clark,” Souders answers, “and some of the big decisions he’ll be having to make.” Read More HERE

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