Chloe: Allison Mack Talks About Returning to Smallville (Tv Guide) 
Smallville's passionate fans aren't the only ones having a hard time saying goodbye to the series, which ends its 10-year run on Friday, May 13. Allison Mack, who plays Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent's longtime-friend-turned-superhero-computer-whiz, decided she couldn't walk away without one final appearance. A series regular for the show's first nine years, Mack signed on for just five episodes this season and had wrapped up that commitment in February. Now in New York City, where she recently finished a run in the Off Broadway play Apple Cove, Mack talked to TV Guide Magazine about her decision to go back one last time, her fervent fans and the next chapter in her life.

TV Guide Magazine: Which of these final episodes are you appearing in?
Mack: I'm in the finale, which is a two-parter, so technically I'm in the last two.

TV Guide Magazine: What was it like filming your final scenes?
Mack: It was really amazing, it was emotional and loving and sweet and nostalgic. It's ending in a way that I think is very honorable given that we've been around for 10 years. So it was really sweet.


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