Lois Lane prepares to say goodbye to 'Smallville'

When the final season of “Smallville” began, Erica Durance found herself getting more than a little nostalgic.
“I never want a good thing to end,” the actress who plays Lois Lane says. “But every chapter has to close.”
In the series’ final season, Lois and Clark Kent are closer than ever; he’s assuming his place as Superman. And the final episode? It has to be good, Durance says. “People have watched this for 10 years. They’ve lived the journey.”
When the series started, neither character seemed headed toward the inevitable. Indeed, Durance didn’t even think about the “Lois and Clark” scenario. “I almost purposely wouldn’t allow myself to think, ‘This is who she is in the end.’ I wanted to be free to see where they might go. I didn’t want to put pressure on the relationship.”

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