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davidkretschmar: Smallville scoop? Lois and Clark: Super-powered couple?Ha! Super-powered couple. We see what you did there. We'll have an extensive Q&A post with writer/producer Kelly Souders about the end of Smallville later this week, but for now just know that she promised fans that they'll be happy with all the moments in the season finale, and that includes the Lois and Clark ones.
CloisForever23: Can we please get some Clois scoop? #SmallvilleWe bugged Kelly about finally seeing Lois and Clark make it down the aisle, and while she insisted she had to keep her lips tightly zipped on that subject, she did offer this: "We will certainly be seeing a lot of white, taffeta, some silk and some flower boutonnières and all that sort of stuff." Sounds like things are about to get fancy!

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