TVGuide Cassidy Freeman Interview

The alt-world Clark is back on Smallville tonight (8/7c on The CW) and you know what that means: More Luthor madness for everyone's favorite reformed bad girl, Tess. Here, in one of her final Smallville interviews, the fabulous Cassidy Freeman fills us in on what to expect when trouble from another universe comes to visit... and how she reacted to reading the script for the show's finale.
TV Guide Magazine: So how does it feel to be done filming forever?Cassidy Freeman: It feels weird. [Laughs] It feels exciting that we had such a great finale, but also strange to know that I won't be going back up to Vancouver in three months.
TV Guide Magazine: We get some cool stuff from you in this "Kent" episode, huh?Freeman: Oh yeah. Clark Luthor and Tess know each other's cards. Which is interesting because almost no one on this show knows everyone else's cards. So it's very manipulative, their relationship. What muddies that is the relationship between Otherworld Tess and Clark Luthor, one that maybe this world's Tess doesn't necessarily want, but it does feel good to be wanted in that way. So I think she is very confused. [Laughs].
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