E Online Smallville Bosses Spill Series Finale Secrets!

If we don't write about the final episode of Smallville, does that mean it's not really happening? No? Damn.
Unfortunately, TV doesn't quite work that way. But on the plus side, ending a fan-favorite show like Smallville after 10 seasons means that the two-hour send-off is going to be epic. Just how epic will the finale be? Executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson talked to the press today about what's coming up for Smallville's exciting conclusion, and we know this scoop will only get fans more excited for Friday...

Favorite Moments from the Finale
Kelly Souders: When Lois (Erica Durance) is about to walk down the aisle...I'll just say I have a couple great favorite moments just on the aisle.
Brian Peterson: And there's a very good scene with a door. It's probably one of everybody's favorite scene in the show. There's one shot that is just like the Smallville shot. You'll see it and you're like, 'this is what we needed in the finale.' And you'll know it the second you see it.
Lex Luthor's Return
B.P.: We really wanted to keep this Clark's (Tom Welling) finale. But Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) plays a very interesting role and there a couple of big twists with Lex.
K.S.: They're going to go on to be huge enemies, so [we'll answer] what's pivotal in this moment that's our Lex Luthor and our Clark Kent? And how do we wrap up the relationship that's been so complicated and so mixed with emotions for ten years? 

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