First look: Chloe and Oliver 10.21-22 Finale

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The "Smallville" finale is shrouded in mystery -- the official episode description contains as little information as possible, and surprise guest stars have been kept under wraps. We do know one thing for sure: Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) will make it to the wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. And, since she's maid of honor, we can see that Lois's taste in bridesmaid dresses is not at all terrible!

Frankly, Chloe looks adorable, and we're so thrilled that Mack decided to return to the series for one final bow so that we can say a proper goodbye to the girl we met 10 years ago. "She ends in a very healthy and levelheaded way," Mack has said. "I think that the writers have respected my character for such a long time, and she goes out with the same affection she came in with."

She'll be joined, of course, by her date Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) who recently became her husband, though their wedding was slightly less traditional than Clark and Lois's may be. 

They sure look happy, but as we know, Oliver has been branded with the Omega. Despite his show of loyalty to Clark in last week's Zod-centric episode, he remains a ticking time bomb.


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