Tom Welling Calls 'Smallville' Series Finale

For fans of “Smallville,” the series finale will certainly be bittersweet. For the actors and others involved, it’s even more so.
Star Tom Welling, who plays Clark Kent, spoke to Zap2it about the end of the show and hinted at some of the developments that will cap off the series' decade-long run.
"I think people will feel fulfilled, but it's going to be bittersweet,” he said. “If someone has been watching the show for 10 years, it's coming to an end, and that's never a fun thing . . .You always want more, but the reality is that it can't go on forever."
The way they filmed the ending was especially unique, revealed Welling.
“We shot the actual finale as our third-to-last episode,” he said. “We shot two more episodes, then shot the first part of the finale last. It gave us the opportunity to take a look at what would be the last image of the show in post-production and make any changes or adaptations to it. It didn't necessarily take the emotional pressure off us, but the time pressure.”
Speaking about filming the very end, he said, "As we were shooting it, everyone's senses were heightened. People were flying up from L.A. [to Vancouver, where the show has been made] to supervise and make sure everyone who had to make a decision was there. Everybody was just really excited, and the energy level went up.”
“The last image, for me, sums up not only the end of Clark Kent but the birth of Superman,” he went on. “I hope that's what people can take away . . . that Clark is still out there fighting the good fight, but we're just not able to go with him.

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