Tom Welling Interview

"This was not a show about Superman."

That's what star Tom Welling says about "Smallville," which has spent 10 years charting Clark Kent's progression from his teen years into young adulthood, putting the native of the planet Krypton at the brink of becoming the Man of Steel. A landmark show for the then-WB Network before it merged with UPN to become the current CW, the DC Comics-inspired adventure wraps up its run with a two-hour finale Friday, May 13.

Many details are being kept under wraps, but wedding thoughts are certain since Clark (played by Tom Welling) is on the verge of marrying his true love, reporter Lois Lane (Erica Durance). However, his mind also is on two foes: the powerful Darkseid and the sly Lex Luthor, the latter played again by former series regular Michael Rosenbaum (now a co-star of Fox's "Breaking In").

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