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It's no secret that Chloe and Oliver's marriage on Smallville is an anomaly.
Firstly, Chloe (Allison Mack) didn't actually exist in the previous Superman mythology before being created specifically for the once WB, now CW series. Secondly, Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) married Dinah Lance aka the Black Canary (Alaina Huffman) in the comic mythos. While the fans do love Chlollie, the question remains: Will their marriage survive the series finale of Smallville?
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Hartley, who directs this Friday's new episode, dishes on what's in store for the Chloe-Oliver-Dinah debacle, as well as Zod's return and the ominous Omega symbol on the Green Arrow's skull. 
Oliver has been marked with the Omega symbol of darkness. What will we see for him as the series comes to a close?
Hartley: At the end of "Dominion," Oliver is faced with a cold reality that he's not going to be able to get rid of this infection just by willing it away. He has to figure out a whole other path, something he's never done before. He goes on this journey to try to get rid of this thing.

Oliver and Chloe are going to be the best man and woman at Lois and Clark's wedding. What's in store for them?
Hartley: A lot of hell breaks loose, actually. Oliver has the Omega and turns into a totally different, disgusting person. Chloe has to figure out a way to stand by him. She does. In the end, it's interesting because Oliver has to go do his thing, and Chloe has to go do her thing, so there's a really sweet, tender moment in the finale that I think you'll like. The way it's all wrapped up is actually really beautiful. It leaves you with a warm heart.

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