Justin Hartley Interview E online

What can you tell us about "Dominion," tonight's episode? Justin Hartley: I can tell you that I directed it. The story is in the beginning we find out that something happened in the Phantom Zone. Clark (Tom Welling) is the only one who can go into the Phantom Zone and fix the problem, but once he comes back out of the Phantom Zone, of course, everything goes to hell. Oliver cons his way into the Phantom Zone when Clark says, 'Don't go, it's dangerous.' Now the two of them up being stuck in the Phantom Zone, and they have to work together to figure out a way out. We find out a lot about trust and where their trust lies with each other and within themselves. [There's] a really touching scene at the end between Lois and Clark. Zod (Callum Blue) comes back. So, tons going on. A lot for a first-time director. I got lucky. I got a really great script. I got great people to work with, I got great stories for our leads. And I got a lot of help from everyone so hopefully everyone likes it.
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