Radio Interview with Tom Welling

"Smallville" star Tom Welling and his wife Jamie called into their friend Robert Dover's radio show on Tuesday afternoon to discuss life post-Clark Kent. Both Tom and Jamie were overwhelmed by the number of fans calling in to wish Tom a happy birthday - it was his 34th - some from places as far-reaching as Jordan and Australia.
"I don't think we realized it when we were in it," Jamie says, noting that fans from across the world send her Facebook messages in droves. "Now that we're settled and we can look back at those years, it's just incredible."
The fact that the show airs in so many countries has always impressed Tom. "I always wonder what my voice sounds like in other countries," he says.
"You've got a really sexy German accent Tom, don't worry," Jamie teases.
 "Really?" he asks.    "No."  Read More

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